Guarantee Parts are guaranteed as per the manufacturers’ or suppliers’ warranty period. There are no guarantees on batteries or garage door springs. Any guarantee is rendered null and void should someone else work on the equipment in the interim. Guarantees and follow-up services are provided only if invoices have been settled in full. Quotes Quotes are valid for 7 days from issue of the quote. Prices are subject to change. In some cases a deposit may be required before work begins. This will be indicated on the quote. “Mr Gate Mr Garage” reserves the right to refuse service. Please note that quotes received from our system will be the final quote and no verbal agreements will be honoured if it is not in the quote. Payments Payments are COD. Payments can be made via cash, EFT or online credit card facilities. Interest will be charged on outstanding payments. All parts, products and equipment remain the property of “Mr Gate Mr Garage” until accounts are paid in full. “Mr Gate Mr Garage” reserves the right to remove any parts, products or equipment if not paid for. However, possession and risk of ownership of parts, products and equipment shall be passed to the Purchaser on the date of dispatch thereof. Insurance We do not deal directly with insurance companies. It is the client’s responsibility to make payment to us on completion of the work. We will provide an insurance report if required. However, we do not complete forms, submit documents or do any other insurance-related administration. Safety Clients are expected to follow all safety and precautionary measures for installed equipment. The client is expected to contact Mr Gate Mr Garage in the event of any problems before they escalate and to maintain the equipment. Mr Gate Mr Garage recommends that clients install safety and security measures, such as IR beams in the case of gates, to prevent doors and gates from closing on cars and people. Clients are also expected to inform users of the mechanisms of doors and gates to prevent injury and damage. Parts Mr Gate Mr Garage does not install parts supplied by the client. Any garage door hardware that breaks during or after any service or repair is at your cost. Employee – Client Relationship Contractually the employees of Mr Gate Mr Garage are not allowed to solicit work from our clients or do work for our clients without prior consent. Should any employee do any work for our clients that has not officially been carried out through the “Mr Gate Mr Garage” business, “Mr Gate Mr Garage” provides no guarantees, takes no responsibility for and will not become involved in any complaints, disputes or problems that the client has regarding the said employee and the work done. Garage door repairs, services, installations
  • Please leave all your remotes at home. Sometimes we need to re-program your remotes on a new receiver or add them again to an existing receiver. We will charge you an extra call-out / labour to return to program your remotes if you forgot to leave them at home.
  • Please make sure that there are no obstructions in your garage. Please make sure that boxes and other stuff  is out of the way and that we can work easily and freely.
  • Please make sure your vehicles are outside of the garage.
  • In cases where the springs or cables have broken while your car is in the garage, we will try and help you open the door, but please note that the risk of any damage to your cars or items in your garage is your responsibility.
  • Garage door work is dangerous, please stay clear of your garage and garage door while our technicians work on your door. Springs can break or doors can fall down at any time.
  • Please do not interfere or distract our technicians, the work we do is dangerous.
  “Mr Gate Mr Garage” reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. You should check this page to ensure that you are up to date with any changes.   Services we offer include: