Gate Bending

Gate Bending and Repairs
  • We do gate bending for gates with a moderate amount of bending
  • Gate must have vertical or horizontal bars
  • We can also do repairs to the rack, base plate replacements and gate motor repairs
  • We do not repair or bend gates with diagonal bars
Your driveway gate and the gate track must be straight. The gate should run smoothly and easily, with no kinks or obstructions. If there are any such issues, it will put strain on the gate motor and ultimately shorten its lifespan. Gate bending is required in order to restore your gate.

Why is my gate bent?

The most common reason for having a bent gate is that somebody drove into it. Another possibility is that someone was trying to break into your property. Your gate could not only be bent, but also knocked off its rails. It may require some welding or work or other repairs. We will also check your gate motor as it may have been affected by the impact. In addition, the gate posts may have been damaged. The important thing is to get your gate and track straight again.   With our gate bending equipment we can get your gate back on track (literally and figuratively) and operating optimally. Firstly, we need to know if your gate has straight or diagonal bars. We are unable to bend gates successfully if they have diagonal bars. Then we will need to assess the degree of damage to a gate as, if it is too large, we would recommend replacing the gate.
Gate with straight bars Gate with straight bars
Gate with diagonal bars Gate with diagonal bars