How to Check the Health of your Centurion D5 EVO Battery

Video Transcription Have you got a Centurion D5 Evo gate motor? Would you like to check the status of your battery? Well, here I am quickly going to show you how to test your Centurion D5 EVO battery.

Checking the Centurion D5 Evo Battery with the Charger

The D5 Evo has a LCD display which you can use for a number of functions. One of these is to check the health of the gate motor battery. On the screen you will see a number of bars on the left which indicate the state of the battery. The battery will start fully charged (i.e. all bars show) and then will be depleted over time until it is dead and needs replacing. If you are having problems with you gate motor, the battery is an easy thing to check first. We always suggest that you check what happens to your battery health while you trigger the gate. So, press the main button to open the gate and see if the battery charge changes. The D5 Evo also has a very nice function that it actually shows you the voltage. All you need to do is press the up arrow twice. Then the LCD will display the battery and charger voltages. The battery voltage is on the left and the charger voltage is on the right. Next, open and close the gate to see if there are any significant changes in the voltages. The charger voltage should go up to around 14 volts when the gate is in a static position.

Checking the Centurion D5 Evo Battery without the Charger

You can also check the status of your battery when  you disconnect the charger. You can find the charger on the side – a little red plug. Pull it out and you will see the charger voltage drops. Look at what happens to the battery. Another very nice feature of the D5 Evo, is that it beeps lets you know that the mains power is off. Here you can see that the battery voltage is above 12 volts, which is what we looking for. If the battery voltage is under 10.5 volts, you definitely need to replace it. And obviously, if your charger voltage is not about 14 volts, you should be looking at replacing the charger. It is important to check your Centurion D5 Evo battery as part of your gate motor battery maintenance.