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Centurion D5 Evo and Its Accessories

The centurion D5 Evo is our favorite residential gate motor to install. This motor can move gates of up to 500kg with a maximum of a 150 operations per day. The  design is such that you can easily maintain and replace its components. Mr Gate Mr Garage guarantees all new motor installations for 1 year. And Centurion Systems gives the motor a 2 year guarantee. However, please note the guarantee does not extend to lightning or damage caused by the owner.
Centurion D5 Evo with theft resistant cage
Centurion D5 Evo with theft resistant cage

The Centurion D5 Evo Gate Motor

The D5 Evo has lots of features for all your access control and security requirements. Functionality to incorporate a gate light or break in alarm functionality. The ability to adjust the close position for electric fence contacts on the gate. When you have beams installed it can close immediately after the vehicle passes the beams. This is called PIRAC mode. The Centurion D5 Evo is a motor that operates via battery. Without a properly charged battery it can’t open. The mains power goes through a power supply that charges the batteries. During power outages the motor will give a beep sound while it is operating to let you know that the power is off. Always pay attention to this, so that you don’t run your batteries too much down. For the standard lead acid batteries that this motor uses (12V 7.2 A/h), you will find that, if the battery voltage drops under 10.5V, you will need to replace your battery, even if it is new. When there are power outages, you can expect the gate to open between 20 and 40 times. But it does depend on the gate weight and movement, and very much on what external devices such as IR beams, Keypads, Receivers, Intercoms etc are connected to the battery. We highly recommended to get a theft-resistant cage and padlock for your D5 Evo. It is a very popular motor and added protection makes it harder and more time consuming for someone to just take your motor with them. There are various optional extras that we can install with your Centurion D5 Evo:

Infrared Gate Safety Beams

We can install Infrared Gate Safety Beams with your Centurion D5 Evo. The main function of safety beams is to detect that a vehicle or person is in front of the gate and to prevent closing the gate on the vehicle or person. Intruders sometimes put a small piece of insulation tape in front of the beams. The effect of this is that the gate will open but not close. So basically the gate motor thinks there is something in front of the gate. Centurion added break-in and ambush alarm functionality to the Centurion D5 EVO. With this functionality it is possible to trigger an alarm when someone stands in front of the gate during times that the gate is closed. There should not be someone standing in front of your gate looking around and tampering with your Infrared Beams. Using either wired or wireless technology, we can connect your gate-alarm to your normal alarm or a siren to let you know that someone is trying to tamper at your gate.
Gate Motor Wireless Safety Beam - Centurion Photon Beams
Gate Motor Wireless Safety Beam – Centurion Photon Beams

Theft Resistant cage and padlock

We highly recommended that you install a Centurion D5 Evo theft resistant cage and lock. This serves a couple of purposes:
  1. Firstly, it makes it much more difficult for someone to steal your gate motor
  2. Secondly, it will be much more difficult to put the gate motor on manual and open your gate.
  3. Thirdly, it limits access to your gate motor and prevents general tampering with the settings, remotes and external devices
Theft Resistant cage and padlock
Theft Resistant cage and padlock

Wireless keypad

A wireless keypad is a great addition for most owners. It allows for easy access to your property for your security company or domestic workers. Furthermore, you can use the settings of the Centurion D5 Evo to determine at what times, days and hours the keypads or remotes can be used to open the gate.
Centurion Smart Guard Keypad
Centurion Smart Guard Keypad

Intercom systems – Centurion G-Speak Ultra

The Centurion G-speak Ultra is a modern cellphone based intercom. The intercom phones you on your landline or cellphone and you can press 1 to open your gate. There is basically only a gate station with a wire running to the 3G unit which we usually install next to your gate motor in an weather proof box. This eliminates long wires running all over your property that are prone to breakage and expensive and time consuming to replace when they do break.
Centurion G-speak Ultra
Centurion G-speak Ultra

Loop detectors for automatic exit

CENTURION’s FLUX SA & FLUX 11 Loop Detectors are devices that uses vehicle electromagnetic fields given off by your engine while it is on to trigger a gate opening. There is a soft piece of silicone wire embedded into the floor that is connected to the loop detector box. This is then connected to your gate motor on the FRX (Free Exit) terminal so that it can open your gate when a vehicle passes.
Centurion flux loop detector
Centurion flux loop detector

External receivers

You can easily add external receivers to the Centurion D5 evo. One of our favorite receivers is the Sentry code hopping receiver. This works great with Centurion, Digidoor and other code hopping remotes.
Sentry code hopping receiver
Sentry code hopping receiver
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Gate Security Upgrade in Robin Hills Randburg

Certain areas in Johannesburg are very prone to break-ins at the entrance gate. Even if you have all the anti-lift brackets and other basic security measures in place, you still find that you can have regular break-in attempts at your gate. There is, however, a gate security upgrade that you can make in order to increase your protection.
Gate Security Upgrade

The Situation

One of our clients in Robin Hills, Randburg, tells the following story: He has two daughters. Granny took the eldest daughter to ballet. The younger daughter, who is 10-year’s old, stayed at home with a nanny. This literally took only 10 minutes. Three robbers broke through the driveway gate and made their way towards the house. At that time, his daughter went to the kitchen to fetch a drink from the fridge. As she came into the kitchen, she saw the three perpetrators. She was incredibly lucky that their backs where turned toward her and they did not see her. She quickly slipped to the side and hid in the nanny’s room. In the meantime, the burglars stole a significant amount of electronic equipment such as televisions, computers etc. This particular client was very frustrated. He has had break-in attempts every 4 to 6 weeks. His frustration is enough that he wants to put his house on the market and is planning to move to another area. We suggest that he add an alarm system to his gate to warn him if there is any tampering at the gate.

The Gate Security Upgrade Solution

It is not always convenient to have your usual house alarm on, especially if you are at home.  Most alarm configurations are not configured in such a way that there are always active zones and extra security measures at your gate. We suggested adding infrared beams at his gate and connecting them to his alarm. The beams are basically connected to his alarm as a panic. So, if someone stands at the gate, or tries to break open the gate, the security company sees it as a panic button that was pressed. The whole system is connected wirelessly to his alarm radio. A transmitter at the gate motor that is connected to the beams will activate the alarm when someone breaks the beams or stand in the way of the beams. After all someone should not be standing right next to your gate for any reason. They can stand at the intercom mounted on a goose-neck pole some distance away from the gate.
Gate Security Beams
When the gate motor is activated by his remotes it disables the alarm while he drives in and out of his property. The beams also prevent the gate from closing onto his vehicle. We also activated the fast close functionality to make sure that his gate close immediately when he has passed the beams. Not long after this gate security upgrade, there was yet another break-in attempt; only, this time the security company was alerted immediately and action could be taken.

Gate Security: Weak Spots and Solutions

Is your gate the week spot of the security at your home? There are at least seven extra security measures that you can take to improve your gate security.

Gate Lifting

The first week point at your gate could be that someone can lift your gate and gain access to your property. How can you go about preventing this? You will need to add anti-lift brackets. These brackets get welded onto your gate and supporting pillars and prevent movement of the gate. There should be a bracket at the gate motor side so that the gate can’t be lifted away from the motor and opened. There should also be a bracket where the gate meets the wall so that it can’t be lifted and then  someone can slip in through the space between the gate and the wall.
Gate Security Anti-lift Bracket

Gate Security and the Gate Rack

If you have an automated sliding gate, the next week point is the rack. With sliding gates the motor basically locks your gate and prevents it from being opened unless you have the remote control to activate the gate motor. The rack is the long gear that runs at the bottom of the gate. The pinion and the rack is what makes the gate open and closed. If the rack is broken away from the gate and it is not making contact with the pinion it can move open freely and the motor cannot stop it from opening anymore. Usually a crowbar is used to force the rack away from the gate. This breaks the rack welding spot and gives the perpetrator access your property. The answer is to weld a piece of flat bar along the rack that prevents it from being broken away with a crowbar.
Gate Security Gate Rack

Jumping over the Gate

The third week point to look at in terms of your gate is to ask the question: can someone easily jump over the gate? The best way to prevent this is to install an electric fence that runs across the gate and the wall. The electric fence can be connected to your alarm so that your security company can be notified of somebody trying to break into your property.

Gate Security and Your Intercom

The fourth week point is your intercom system. If you have an old wired intercom would-be robbers will press the intercom button to test if you’re at home. If no one answers the intercom they will proceed to break into your property. New intercom systems use cellphone technology and are wireless. The intercom can phone you directly on your cell phone when someone presses the intercom button. This means you can know when someone is at your gate wherever you are. Naturally you need cellphone reception in that particular area. It is also easy to change the number on the intercom to a family member when you are not available for a period of time.

Detection and Alarm System

The fifth which point to address at your gate is the use of an infra-red beam together with your gate motor. The strategy with IR beams as warning system at your gate is to have them on the outside and they detect if someone is standing at the gate. After all nobody should be standing right at your gate. The IR beams can also be connected to your alarm system. In general, if someone is standing there, it means they want to break in your home. Modern gate motors such as the centurion D5 have an ambush or break-in alarm functionality that works together with IR beams that are used for controlling the opening and closing of your gate. The beams also prevent the gate from closing on to your vehicle. Other functionality the beams can provide is a fast close or PIRAC mode; this is where the gate closes immediately after the vehicle or person moves through the infra-red beams.

Who is at the Gate?

The sixth point to look at in terms of your gate security is CCTV camera systems. With these you can see who is at your gate. The video stream gets recorded onto a hard drive. Naturally you can have multiple cameras inside and outside your property.

Your Remote

The seventh point is to look at is your remote control technology. Are you using old technology that is 30+ years old and makes use of binary and trinary encoding? It means someone can either copy your remote or have the same settings as you. This will allow them to easily open your gate. Modern remote technology uses unique identifiers and code hoping technology make your remotes extra secure. These remotes can’t be copied. Some of the better remote control manufacturers also have remotes that work over longer distances. These remotes can also have up to 6 buttons that can open gates, garages, activate your alarm and have a panic button. Most standard remote controls that come with your gate and garage door automation do not have long range remote controls and receivers. You often need to be within about 20 meters of your gate or garage.
Gate Security Gate Remote
As we can see, your gate is a point of concern when it comes to the entry of burglars; however, there are several measures that you can take to increase your gate security and you and your family’s safety.