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Things to Consider Before You Decide on Automated Gates

If you have been opening and closing your driveway gate manually for years, then just the thought of automated gates is very exciting. However, there are some things that you need to consider before going ahead with automation so that you don’t make costly mistakes.
Automated gates

Practical Considerations for Automated Gates

  • Consider the slope of your driveway. If possible, avoid installing automated gates on very steep surfaces. The position of the ground will put pressure on the motor and you may have to buy additional equipment.
  • If you have a sliding gate and will use a motor with a rack and pinion system, the ground must be even so that the rack can be aligned properly.
  • Take note of drainage. If water collects by the motor, it can damage it.¬† So you must ensure that there is adequate drainage.
  • Be aware if leaves and debris can collect around the gate track. If so, you will need to clean the area regularly. If there is too much debris, the gate will not move smoothly and it could affect the motor.
  • Consider how and what the gate will be used for. This enables you to decide on the best way to open and close your gate. It could be via remotes, keypads, GSM via your mobile phone, push buttons, ¬†card access etc.
  • Remember pedestrians and visitors. How will you know that they are there? And how will you let them in if the gate is your only place of access? An intercom or keypad are the usual solutions. Video cameras can also assist. You also need to decide whether the gate will open only partially for pedestrians and fully for vehicles. If you have regular visitors such as gardeners etc. you must think about how you want to grant them access to your property.

Technical Considerations for Automated Gates

  • Your gate must be in good working order. Before you automate your gate, you need to ensure that your gate is functioning normally when in manual mode. If there are any problems, these will remain when you have automated your gate and may even affect the motor and its operation. If your gate has issues, have it repaired prior to automating it.
  • Always use a trained technician to install your electric gate opener. If someone installs a motor incorrectly and it breaks, you may lose your guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Always install well-known, good quality motor brand such as Centurion. Some motor makes may be cheaper – even a great deal cheaper – but when you have issues, parts and technical support are difficult, if not impossible, to find.
  • When you automate your gates, you can add a number of accessories. Infra-red beams are the most common automated gate accessory. Once we have installed them, we can set them so that the gate does not close on cars or people. They can also ensure that the gate closes fully after a car or person has gone through. IR beams are a good measure for safety and security.
  • Unfortunately gate motors can and are often stolen. In order to combat this, we advise installing various security measures various security measures.