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New Gate Motor Installation Morningside Manor in Sandton

Our latest new gate motor installation Morningside Manor in Sandton held a few challenges for us. The existing motor was an old Hansa Deluxe motor that had finally stopped working. We replaced it with a new Centurion D5 Evo. We recommend this gate opener for all normal, residential sliding gates.
Gate motor installation Morningside Manor
Usually the gate motor installations take about 3 or 4 hours, but in this case there were some challenges. This was because of a tree right by the base-plate which is where a gate motor gets installed. The tree roots were lifting the base-plate by at least the height of about 2 bricks. This made it impossible to weld the long gear (or the gate motor rack) onto the gate without it breaking off while the gate is operating.  

Solution: Gate Motor Installation Morningside Manor in Sandton

The solution in the end involved some construction work. We removed the bricks and some concrete to make space so that we could install the track of the gate at a lower position. This enabled the gate to move a little bit more evenly. Yes, you need the technical know-how with a gate motor installation, but it is practical experience that counts for about 95% of successful results. We need to check the gate and the gate track; the gate straightness and alignment; the gate wheels and all mechanical aspects of the gate. These need to be mechanically sound before a gate motor can operate properly together with a gate. We advise against planting large trees close by to your gate and your gate motor simply because the roots always causes problems. If you have a large tree close to your gate it is definitely worthwhile to consider removing it before any damage is done and repair costs escalate. We also installed some anti-lift brackets to make sure that the gate can’t be lifted by burglars too easily. With a bit of extra effort and carefully paying attention to the gate track we got the gate motor to function properly with the gate. Another gate motor installation in Morningside Manor and another happy Sandton client.