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Gate Repairs Ferndale in Randburg – West Avenue

We received a message from the caretaker of a complex – an existing client of ours – for gate repairs Ferndale in West Avenue: “Someone bumped our complex gate last night and derailed it. Can you please send someone to put it back on track?” We quickly logged the gate service request. Then we sent two of our teams out to the site to assess the situation. Why two teams? This was because we know this complex and the gate is very large and very heavy. If the work involved lifting the gate and putting it back on the rails, it would need more than two men to do this. We found that, not only had the gate been pushed off the gate track, but it was also bent due to the impact of the vehicle driving into it. We needed to bend the gate to return it to a straight position in order for us to get it working smoothly again. Our gate bending is done on site with a mechanism that we have developed for the task. It is not always possible to bend a gate. If the damage is too large, it may be necessary to actually replace the gate. If the gate has diagonal bars, it is not possible to bend it properly back into shape. Fortunately, in this case we could go ahead with the gate bending.  

Gate Repairs Ferndale – Work Done

  Our gate repair work involved three main tasks.
  • Firstly, because the gate was bent, it would not move properly on the track. So, we needed to bend it back into a straight position.
  • Secondly, we had to lift the gate up and back onto the track
  • Finally, during the accident, the gate motor rack (also known as the “long gear”) had been broken because of the accident; so we needed to weld it back onto the gate.
The important point to remember is that the gate needs to be properly aligned and straight in order for it to move smoothly. Furthermore, in order for the gate motor to run easily, the gate needs to be in good working order. If the gate is getting stuck, this will damage the motor. Then you will end up with an even bigger problem! Within a short time we had a complex that was secure again; and another addition to our list of gate repairs Ferndale.
Gate Repairs Ferndale