Month: September 2017

How to Check the Health of your Centurion D5 EVO Battery

Video Transcription Have you got a Centurion D5 Evo gate motor? Would you like to check the status of your battery? Well, here I am quickly going to show you how to test your Centurion D5 EVO battery.

Checking the Centurion D5 Evo Battery with the Charger

The D5 Evo has a LCD display which you can use for a number of functions. One of these is to check the health of the gate motor battery. On the screen you will see a number of bars on the left which indicate the state of the battery. The battery will start fully charged (i.e. all bars show) and then will be depleted over time until it is dead and needs replacing. If you are having problems with you gate motor, the battery is an easy thing to check first. We always suggest that you check what happens to your battery health while you trigger the gate. So, press the main button to open the gate and see if the battery charge changes. The D5 Evo also has a very nice function that it actually shows you the voltage. All you need to do is press the up arrow twice. Then the LCD will display the battery and charger voltages. The battery voltage is on the left and the charger voltage is on the right. Next, open and close the gate to see if there are any significant changes in the voltages. The charger voltage should go up to around 14 volts when the gate is in a static position.

Checking the Centurion D5 Evo Battery without the Charger

You can also check the status of your battery when  you disconnect the charger. You can find the charger on the side – a little red plug. Pull it out and you will see the charger voltage drops. Look at what happens to the battery. Another very nice feature of the D5 Evo, is that it beeps lets you know that the mains power is off. Here you can see that the battery voltage is above 12 volts, which is what we looking for. If the battery voltage is under 10.5 volts, you definitely need to replace it. And obviously, if your charger voltage is not about 14 volts, you should be looking at replacing the charger. It is important to check your Centurion D5 Evo battery as part of your gate motor battery maintenance.  

Gate Repairs Ferndale in Randburg – West Avenue

We received a message from the caretaker of a complex – an existing client of ours – for gate repairs Ferndale in West Avenue: “Someone bumped our complex gate last night and derailed it. Can you please send someone to put it back on track?” We quickly logged the gate service request. Then we sent two of our teams out to the site to assess the situation. Why two teams? This was because we know this complex and the gate is very large and very heavy. If the work involved lifting the gate and putting it back on the rails, it would need more than two men to do this. We found that, not only had the gate been pushed off the gate track, but it was also bent due to the impact of the vehicle driving into it. We needed to bend the gate to return it to a straight position in order for us to get it working smoothly again. Our gate bending is done on site with a mechanism that we have developed for the task. It is not always possible to bend a gate. If the damage is too large, it may be necessary to actually replace the gate. If the gate has diagonal bars, it is not possible to bend it properly back into shape. Fortunately, in this case we could go ahead with the gate bending.  

Gate Repairs Ferndale – Work Done

  Our gate repair work involved three main tasks.
  • Firstly, because the gate was bent, it would not move properly on the track. So, we needed to bend it back into a straight position.
  • Secondly, we had to lift the gate up and back onto the track
  • Finally, during the accident, the gate motor rack (also known as the “long gear”) had been broken because of the accident; so we needed to weld it back onto the gate.
The important point to remember is that the gate needs to be properly aligned and straight in order for it to move smoothly. Furthermore, in order for the gate motor to run easily, the gate needs to be in good working order. If the gate is getting stuck, this will damage the motor. Then you will end up with an even bigger problem! Within a short time we had a complex that was secure again; and another addition to our list of gate repairs Ferndale.
Gate Repairs Ferndale

New Gate Motor Installation Morningside Manor in Sandton

Our latest new gate motor installation Morningside Manor in Sandton held a few challenges for us. The existing motor was an old Hansa Deluxe motor that had finally stopped working. We replaced it with a new Centurion D5 Evo. We recommend this gate opener for all normal, residential sliding gates.
Gate motor installation Morningside Manor
Usually the gate motor installations take about 3 or 4 hours, but in this case there were some challenges. This was because of a tree right by the base-plate which is where a gate motor gets installed. The tree roots were lifting the base-plate by at least the height of about 2 bricks. This made it impossible to weld the long gear (or the gate motor rack) onto the gate without it breaking off while the gate is operating.  

Solution: Gate Motor Installation Morningside Manor in Sandton

The solution in the end involved some construction work. We removed the bricks and some concrete to make space so that we could install the track of the gate at a lower position. This enabled the gate to move a little bit more evenly. Yes, you need the technical know-how with a gate motor installation, but it is practical experience that counts for about 95% of successful results. We need to check the gate and the gate track; the gate straightness and alignment; the gate wheels and all mechanical aspects of the gate. These need to be mechanically sound before a gate motor can operate properly together with a gate. We advise against planting large trees close by to your gate and your gate motor simply because the roots always causes problems. If you have a large tree close to your gate it is definitely worthwhile to consider removing it before any damage is done and repair costs escalate. We also installed some anti-lift brackets to make sure that the gate can’t be lifted by burglars too easily. With a bit of extra effort and carefully paying attention to the gate track we got the gate motor to function properly with the gate. Another gate motor installation in Morningside Manor and another happy Sandton client.

Gate Repairs Weltevreden Park in Roodepoort – Landhuis Street

We recently inherited a gate and gate motor problem in Landhuis Street, Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort. The client had someone else install the gate motor for them a year or two ago. They were very unhappy with the quality of the service and the outcome of the installation. Therefore they contacted us to assist going forward.
Gate Repairs Weltevreden Park

Gate and Gate Motor Problems

There were several problems that we identified and resolved. One of the first things we found was that the gate wheels were broken and that they needed to be replaced. Secondly we found that the gate motor rack was also in a very poor condition. The people who installed the gate motor had not replaced the rack at the time as was necessary. The installer should have installed a new rack with the new gate motor in this case. Thirdly, and this was one of the biggest mistakes caused by the previous installer, they welded the gate motor bolts onto the nuts. This means that you cannot remove the gate motor and, for example, take it for a service. This is a massive problem. At least the gate motor that was installed was a Centurion D5 Evo which is a top-of-the-range gate opener. Fourthly, the gate itself was bent a little bit which means that it moved very tightly. Finally, because the gate wheels had seized and the gate was bent, the gate motor had been damaged. Furthermore, there was oil in the area of the rotary encoder which is a clear sign that a gate motor needs servicing. The gate motor needed to be taken to the manufacturer – Centurion – to be serviced. And, due to the welding of the gate motor bolts as explained above, it was not an easy task to remove the motor.

Gate Repairs Weltevreden Park – Landhuis Street

So, our list of tasks included:
  • Replacing wheels
  • Installing a new rack
  • Bending the gate
  • Taking the gate motor for a service
After our repairs to the gate and gate motor, we have a gate that is moving very smoothly; the gate motor doesn’t struggle to open and close the gate; and we have a happy client with a working gate and gate motor.   It is important to remember that the gate needs to be mechanically sound before you can solve any gate motor problems. The approach is that you need to be systematic and resolve each problem that occurs so that you have a good end result.