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Centurion D5 Evo Gate Motor
Sliding gate
Centurion D5 Evo and D10 gate motors

New Sliding Gate Motors

  • We install Centurion Sliding Gate Motors
  • Centurion D5 EVO for most residential gate
  • Centurion D10 for heavy gates and commercial gates
  • Best Quality and Best Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee
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New Swing Gate Motors

  • We install Centurion Vantage Swing Gate Motors
  • Single or Duel Swing Gate Motors
  • Best Quality and Best Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee
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Centurion Vantage Swing Gate Opener

Centurion Gate Motor Repairs

gate motor repairs
Contact Mr Gate for all your gate requirements. We are experts in gate repair – as well as gate bending. We automate driveways gates and repair gate motors.

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Gate Motors and Automation

Gate Automation
Do you need a new gate motor or do you want to automate your existing gate? We can assist with both. The gate motors that we recommend (Centurion products) are available for swing gates and sliding gates. For the installation of new gate motors, it is necessary to have power at the gate. If needs be, we can run low voltage wiring from the nearest plug point to the gate. An automated driveway gate makes life much more convenient, but, most of all, it makes your property more safe and more secure. Call us now for a quote, expert advice and great service!  

Gate Security

Gate security
Remember that gate motors can get stolen and they frequently are! Because the motor is no longer attached, the gate can easily be lifted and burglars can enter the premises. In order to protect the motor, it is wise to install a theft-resistant bracket around the motor. This “cage” comes with a specialized padlock that is not easy to break. There are also other gate security options, such as anti-lift brackets, that can be added in order to make your home or business premises more secure.  

Gate Repair

Gate repair
We can assist you with a wide range of gate problems. The most common ones we encounter daily include: As a result, our gate repair service enables you to have piece of mind over your safety and security.  

Gate Bending

Car driven into gate
This is mostly required when a gate has been bent because someone has driven into it or because of someone trying to gain forced entry. Gates can also bend over time with all of the use and exposure to the elements. If someone drives into your gate, the steel of the gate may be bent beyond a point where it can successfully be bent back into shape. When this is the case, a gate repair is not possible and you will need to get a new gate. If your gate is not straight, it will put pressure on the gate motor and it won’t last as long. It is therefore important to have a bent gate sorted out as soon as possible.  

Gate Motor Repair

Gate motor repair
Not only do we automate driveway gates, but we also repair motors. We work with Centurion and Hansa products because they are most reliable and are well-supported. Motor repairs can include:  

Gate Safety

Gate Safety IR Beams
Having an automated gate is very convenient, but it can also be dangerous. A closing gate can hurt both people and animals that may be in the way. Also you may forget to close the gate and this is a security risk. In order to prevent these issues, we can install infra-red beams. These detect when there is something in the way of the closing gate and stop it from closing. We can also set your gate motor to automatically close your gate after a certain period of time if you have not pressed the remote. With this setting your dogs won’t easily get out and burglars are kept at bay.